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People Who Have Stumped Me:

Brandon Nolet

What If...?:

1. What if Frieza turned back to his first form to beat Goku (being the cocky person he is) before Goku turned Super Saiyan and Piccolo got injured and Krillen killed and Goku caught him off guard with a Kaio Ken times 20 and a Kamehameha?:

If Frieza did do that and Goku did catch him off guard, Frieza would have died with Goku not being a super saiyan. Goku would have gone home safely, never learning the instant transmission. Vegeta would never turn Super Saiyan because Goku didn't and the sole reason that he became one was because of the rage of the thought that Goku did and he couldn't. Garlic Jr. would have died sooner because Goku would be there. In the Android Saga, Trunks would never have come because he didn't turn Super Saiyan since Gohan never taught him how or became one himself because Goku never taught him because he didn't know what one was. With Trunks not there, Vegeta not a Super Saiyan, #19 would have killed Vegeta and everyone else. Hence the Androids would take over the world and the Z world would come to an end.





A Brief (not exactly) Storyline of the Greatest Anime Ever:

Basically, in short, Dragonball is about a kid named Goku who meets a girl named Bulma and they go looking for the 7 magical orbs called Dragonballs which, when gathered all toghether, you summon him by saying either "Arise Shenlong!" or "I call upon the Eternal Dragon, here me now and make my wish come true." They meet many weird peole like the gay General Blue, the perverted old master Master Roshi, Emperor Pilaf, and many more. Now DBZ, now this is a great show. In DBZ, it is really either people coming to earth trying to destroy it or Goku and his friends going to other planets to fight the one and only Frieza. This is my favorite of the three series. Some of the other villains they encounter are: Vegeta (who later becomes a good guy), Nappa, Captain Ginyu and the Ginyu Force, King Cold, the Androids (some become good), Cell, Babidi, Dabura and Majin Buu. Now Dragonball GT, the plot here was Goku gets turned into a little kid by Emperor Pilaf and he goes searching for the Black Star Dragonballs which scatter over the universe. Then when he comes back Baby has enslaved the earth. He turns Super Saiyan Level 4 and beats him, after that, HFIL 17 fuses with Android 17 to become Super Android 17. And last, but CERTAINLY not least, the Evil Dragon Saga in which the dragonballs split into seven evil dragons, after Goku beats them Shenlong appears and says they rely to much on the dragonballs and they can't use them anymore and Goku makes one last wish and Shenlong tells Goku to hop on his back and he says goodbye to all of his friends from all 3 series. Dragonball GT was also the shortest series of the three and the only one not created by Akira Toriyama. These three series are the greatest shows I have ever seen! If you haven't seen it I highly reccomend it, Dragonball Z is on at 6:00 on Cartoon Network. If you want to see Dragonball, Funimation is producing those videos so look for them online and in the stores. If your looking for Dragonball GT in Eglish, you won't find it until about 2003 or 2004, so try and find the japenese ones that have English subtitles. If you are looking for comedy and some fighting, go for Dragonball, if you're looking for comedy as well as action go with Dragonball GT, but if you want a lot of action and some comedy thrown in here and there, definitely go with Dragonball Z. There is only one problem, you have to see the episodes IN ORDER for them to make sense. But you can start watching it now and I'll answer any questions you have. These 3 series I'd probably say would be for ages 8+.

The 21st and 22nd Annual World's Martial Arts Tournament

21st: Bacteria fought Krillen but lost, then Yamcha and Jackie Chun (aka Master Roshi), Jackie Chun won, Nam and Lanfan fought and Nam won. Goku then faced off with Giran and after his tail grew back, Giran forfeit. In the semi-finals, Jackie Chun beat Krillen and Goku beat Nam. Now in the finals after a very long battle, Jackie Chun beat Goku.

22nd: First, Man-Wolf, fought Jackie Chun and Jackie Chun won. Then Yamcha fought Tien and Tien won. After that Goku fought Panputto and Goke won and finally Krillen fought Chiaotzu and Krillen won. In the Semi-Finals, Tien beat Jackie Chun and Goku beat Krillen. In the finals Tien blows up the ring knowing Goku can't fly yet but Goku blasts his way up there and hits Tien head-on and both Tien and Goku hit the ground, since Goku hit first, Tien is declared the winner.

The 23rd and 25th annual World's Martial Arts Tournaments:

23rd: First Goku beats Chichi, then Tien beats General Tao, Shen (a guy that Kami possesses to fight without being recognized) then beats Yamcha and Ma Junior (Piccolo) beats Krillen. Then, in the Semi-Finals, Goku beats Tien and Ma Junior beats Shen. Now in the finals to pay off for all his hard work and determination, Goku wins his first and only World's Martial Arts Tournament ever!

25th: First Krillen fights Pintar and wins, then Ma Junior (Piccolo) forfeits to Shin, Spuppovitch almost kills Videl, the Great Saiyaman (Gohan)fights Kibito but they both leave after Yamu and Spuppovitch steal Gohan's energy. Then Krillen, Shin, Ma Junior (who was already beaten) Spuppovitch, Yamu, Goku and Vegeta go off. Then Hercule issues a Battle Royale in which the remaining 5 fighters battle in the ring at the same time. First 18 knocks out Jewel because he tries to get a date with her. Then Mighty Mask (Trunks & Goten) knocks out Killa. Then 18 lets Hercule win in exchange for 20 million zeni.

The 28th annual World's Martial Arts Tournament:

28th: First Pan fights Moukeko and wins, then Goku and Ubuu fight but fly off in the middle of their battle. This is the end of DBZ, although we do know that Hercule won. Here's what probably what happened after that: Killa fought Hercule and lost, Captain Chicken withdrew so Goten got a bye into the next round. Trunks then fights a Gay Policeman and wins, then Vegeta sends Noku to the emergency room before their match begins and he also gets a bye. Hercule fought Pan and probably outsmarted her in some way so Hercule won that match. Trunks and Vegeta then fight and Vegeta wins. Hercule probably bribed his way out of losing again.

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