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Kid Goku Firing Kamehameha-DBGT Welcome to the Ultimate DB/Z/GT Site
This site describes the best show, in my opinion, EVER...this site gives you in-depth information about the greatest anime ever, and answers to asked questions (no question is too stupid) and MUCH more.

This site is for fans from fans and by fans (somewhat). I am a hardcore DBZ fan, my objective for this site is to give info about the 3 series and show how great this show is!

What This Site Has?


Android 16 Firing Ki Blast-DBZ



Sorry, but due to myself getting older and not really liking the series as much as I used to, please don't email the interactive stuff to me (quiz answers, what ifs, etc.) anymore.  So sorry but I will not be answering any questions or grading any quizzes.