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Saga Summaries:

I need some episode summaries and saga summaries to put up on this site. I could write them myself but I want a variety and from different fans, this month, let's start with the Saiyan Saga, so just email me with the summary and I'll choose the best one. Every month (sometimes every other month), I will look through the summaries and choose the best and most in-depth one. Just email them to me, my email adress is
DB/Z/GT Opinions:

This is your chance to share your opinions about the series. Every month, I'll put up the first 10 opinions I recieve every month so email while it still counts. My email address is

What If...

This is your chance to ask those incredibly hard to answer What If... questions. Such as: What if Trunks future came true? Or you may just ask questions that you've been wondering about that have not yet been answered. I'll put 5 ip each month and then another 5 next month. Just email me the questions, my email address is
Just TRY and stump me!:

This will be a column for fans who know a tremendous amount about DB/Z/GT to try and question me with questions regarding DB/Z/GT. No cheap dialogue questions, I will not respond to those. Trust me, I have not yet been stumped before, good luck. I will post the names of the people who stump me on the page, leave your email address and name. The first person to stump me gets two free Cell Preview Cards from the DBZ cards made by score. So also leave your address. My email address is PS: I may not be able to respond within a short amoount of time because I might be getting A LOT of emails, so just be patient, I will put your name up on this site if you stump me.