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East Supreme Kai (Shin)

He is the only living Supreme Kai left and helps the Z fighters with managing Buu (mostly just healing and teleporting people). He also helps pull Goku's tail out after he fuses with Kibito to form Kaibit (who has East Supreme Kai's face, Kibito's body and hair and East Supreme Kai's clothes).
King Kai:

King Kai...you know, the blue guy who makes all those stupid jokes and loses temper A LOT! Some of his most well-known pupils are Goku, Olibu, Tien, Piccolo, Yamcha and Chiaotzu.


Brolly is the legendary Super Saiyan, but doesn't get passed the level of Ultra Super Saiyan. He's tremendously buff but very slow (compared to Goku and Vegeta). Brolly was born with a power level of 10,000 and on the same day as Goku. He holds a grudge against Goku because when they were in the hospital, despite Brolly's incredible strength, Goku made him cry with his tremendous will power. His father, Paragus and himself were banished from Planet Vegeta because Brolly was to strong and they were afraid of him. In order to control his son, he made a device that he tricked him into wearing it (this is where he got all those blue things in his necklace, on his waist, in his shoes and on his wristbands) but he crushed him over the head with his space pod. Brolly uses his haunting memory's of Goku as his weapon, but all in all, Brolly is, in my opinion, the best movie villain ever! Although in movie 11 he gets reconstructed into Bio-Brolly after being killed.
Above is not Master Roshi
Master Roshi:

Master Roshi..."The Old Invincible Master" as Krillen calls him in Dragoball. Roshi is immortal as well as an old pervert. He as a weird family, him an old pervert, his sister Baba, a fortune teller. He trains Ox King, Grandpa Gohan, Goku and Krillen as far as we know (although he did train another monk before Goku and Krillen). In tournaments he disguises himself as Jackie Chun in Dragonball. In DBZ all he does is sit and watch the Cell Games and women's aerobic. In DBGT, he goes to the city and acts like a hippy in front of everyone.

Trademark Technique: Kamehameha

Frieza is the most well-known villain in DBZ, he killed both Vegeta and Goku's fathers. He fights Goku and kills Krillen, although Krillen gets wished back. In the middle of the battle Goku gets so enraged that he turns into a Super Saiyan and beats him, in the Trunks Saga, Frieza and Goku both come back but Frieza gets to earth first but Trunks (Future Trunks that is) KILLS her but is seen twice more.
Piccolo and Piccolo's Offsprings:

Piccolo Daimou: He is the original Piccolo who is seen in DB trying to take over the world with his offsprings, this Piccolo was also the original split from Kami.

Cymbol: He's one of the offsprings of Piccolo Daimou and is killed by Yajirobe.

Drum: Another offspring of Piccolo Daimou.

Tambourine: Another offsping of Piccolo Daimou.

Piano: The longest living offspring of Piccolo Daimou

Piccolo: This is the Piccolo we all know and love (not literally). He is the last offspring of Piccolo Daimou and is in about every major battle of DBZ/GT. In the Baby Saga, when everyone is on Planet Plant because the Earth is about to blow up, Piccolo stays behind so he will die and the Black Star Dragonballs will can't be used anymore. But this is not the last we see him. He appears again in the Super Android #17 Saga trying to get Goku out of HFIL and again in the last episode of DBGT when Goku is saying goodbye, also in the HFIL.

Piccolo's Trademark Techniques: Multi-Split, Masenko Ha and Special Beam Cannon

There are many other characters, the only MAIN characters I left out were the Buus and Evil Dragons because there are so many of them.