Tien and Chiaotzu Bio's

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Tien is a monk whom Goku spoils their con and fights him in the 22nd annual World's Martial Arts Tournament but Tien wins because it was a double knock-out and he gets up first. Tien is also the bodyguard of the young Emperor Chiaotzu. He aides Goku and the gang fighting in DB and DBZ but only appears once in DBGT. His teacher is also the Crane Master who is rivals with Master Roshi the Turtle Master.

Trademark Techniques: Kikoho (not sure of the US name), Solar Flare and Tri-Beam Hi

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Chiaotzu is a very young little emperor whom gives up his royal life to go with Tien and do con acts in different towns, a monster comes, they beat him (not really). He helps fight many villains up until Cell Saga the next time we see him is blasting away an energy blast that was made by Buu, then after this Saga we don't see him until the last episode of GT.

Trademark Techniques: Self-Destruct and Teleportation (moving really fast making his opponent very nautious and dizzy)