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  This is my Quiz that I designed for you, test your knowledge of DB/Z/GT. I have 32 questions for you to answer and I will post the "Trivia Kings" that email the correct answers of all the questions to me every month. Example for email format:

1. answer to #1
2. answer to #2
3. answer to #3
4. answer to #4
5. answer to #5
6. answer to #6
7. answer to #7
8. answer to #8
9. answer to #9
10. answer to #10
11. answer to #11
12. answer to #12
13. answer to #13
14. answer to #14
15. answer to #15
16. answer to #16
17. answer to #17
18. answer to #18
19. answer to #19
20. answer to #20
21. answer to #21
22. answer to #22
23. answer to #23
24. answer to #24
25. answer to #25
26. answer to #26
27. answer to #27
28. answer to #28
29. answer to #29
30. answer to #30
31. answer to #31
32. answer to #32
and so on and so on.
Also, please contact me.

Here are the questions:
1. How many levels of Super Saiyan are there?

2. Why doesn't Gotenks like his Super Saiyan Level 3 Form?

3. How old is Pan at the beginning of Dragonball GT?

4. Here's a freebie, choose an answer A, B, C or D!
A. What's going on?
B. It's a conspiracy!
C. Harder questions are coming.
D. All of the above.

5. What is Goten's main priority instead of fighting in Dragonball GT?

6. Instead of green, what color are Super Saiyan Level 4 Goku's eyes?
A. green iris, black pupil
B. yellow iris, black pupil
C. red iris, white pupil
D. yellow iris, maize (blue) pupil

7. Who created Dragonball and Dragonball Z?

8. How did Goku become alive again in the Buu Saga?

9. What is Goku's last name?

10. What is Master Roshi's sea island/home adress?

11. What is the license plate number on the bike Bulma used in the first chapter of Dragonball?

12. What is the license plate of the farmer who found Raditz's spacepod's truck?

13. Who is the snobby little girl in DB who runs away from home to be a biker?

14. Who is Senbei Norimaki's (Dr. Slump's) genius son?

15. How did Dr Slump's genius son get his telekenetic powers and super-intelligence?

16. Who is Akane Kimidori's sister?

17. Who is Akane Kimidori's boyfriend?

18. Who is Senbei Norimaki's wife?

19. What is Midori Norimaki's (hint to question #18) maiden name?

20. Who is Senbei Norimaki's rival?

21. Who created Obotchaman?

22. Who fixed Goku's Dragon Radar in Penguin Village?

23. Who created a completely new dragon radar after General Blue stole it?

24. Who is Peesuke Soramame's older brother?

25. Who is Peesuke Soramame's father and who is his brother?

26. Where does Akane's older sister work?

27. Who is Taro's girlfriend?

28. Who is Tsuku-tsun's sister?

29. Who are the little flying "things" that accompony Arale?

30. Where did Arale find the little flying "things" that accompony her?

31. What does Senbei Norimaki try to pass Arale off as?

32. Where do Aoi, Tsuku-tsun, Obotchaman, Taro, Peesuke, the biker girl who runs away, Akane, Senbei, Midori, Arale and Senbei's genius son live?

33. What made Goku transform to Super Saiyan 4?

34. When was Goten born?

35. What mistake did the creator of DBGT do to Pan?

36. Who killed Kid Buu permanently?

37. Who is older, Bra or Pan?


If you email me all of the answers to the questions and leave me your email adress and your name I will put your name and email adress up under Trivia Kings. You may also notice that some of these questions seem to be from the Dr. Slump series, but they all do appear in DB and the comics.


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Trivia Kings:
Here's the Trivia Kings who have answered all the questions on my quiz correctly:

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