Bio's of the Dragonball Villains

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Emperor Pilaf:

The ugly blue midget who dreams of world domination. In DB, his plans our always foiled by Goku and the gang. Pilaf, and his partners, Shao and Mai also are shown as old geezers in DBGT after having found the Black Star Dragonballs and summoning Shenlong. After Goku walks out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (Room of Spirit and Time) and has a good meal he sees a flash of light and walks into the room were Pilaf was and Shao and Mai fire missles at him but he easily blocks them. Pilaf is outraged at how big Goku has gotten and how old he is. He reminds Goku of the one time that he beat him but Goku simply replies: "Yeah, but I was only a kid." Pilaf is so angry he accidently says "I wish you wer still a little kid so I could beat you! Then you'd be nothing!!You here me, nothing, notta, dead!" in in front of Shenlong and this is how Goku got turned into a little kid.


The incompetent little fox ninja who follows Pilaf's every order but never fulfills them.


Mai is Shao's partner, she is also human and quite bright but can never fulfill her genius potential because she's always following Pilaf's orders.

The Red Ribbon Army:

The Red Ribbon Army is a band (a very large band) of humans and robots doing the same thing as Pilaf except with a much larger force. Dr. Gero is the creator of this army and when Goku destroys it he holds a grudge on him.

General Tao:
General Tao is one of the leaders of the Red Ribbon Army. He fights Goku but when he sees he can't win with fists he throws a bomb at him but Goku kicks it up to him and it explodes in his face. We later see him part robotic in DBZ as an assassin for a guy who is building a shelter to save people from Cell. He gives Gokku a brainteaser puzzle and tells him if he can do it within a day he may have his dragonball. He does this and gets their dragonball.