Bio's of Dragonball GT Villains

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Baby was reconstructed from Cells of the Tuffle King and posses/enslaves everyone on Planet Earth except Goku, Pan, Trunks, Ubuu, Mr. Buu and Hercule in DBGT. He creates a new Planet Plant/Tsufuru. Goku manages to get the people of earth free from Baby's enslavement after an extremely long long long LONG time of trying to figure out what's going on. He finds Baby and fights him but can't hold his Super Saiyan Level 3 form long enough to win so he goes off to train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber/Room of Spirit and Time. He goes back to fight Baby but gets pummeled again by Baby and goes to the East Supreme Kai and the Grand Supreme Kai and they pull his tail out. He goes back to fight Baby and gets whopped beyond all belief, when he's lying in a crater and looks up at the earth, it shows the earth, then Goku, earth, Goku, repititively then he finnally he says: "I let you down earth and all you people, I let them down I let my planet down, I've always been able to do the impossible by beating Raditz, Cell, Majin Buu, looks like I can't this time, I let my planet down, I can't save it this time----" and then he starts to transform into a Giant Monkey and thrashing everything he sees. Pan flies up and tells him, "stop, remember who you are!" Goku stops rampaging and looks up at the earth and the mountain he's on crumbles, and when the dust clears, there stands Super Saiyan Goku Level 4. As his first act in the Ultimate Form of Super Saiyan, he knocks the living delights out of Baby 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times. Then he just blasts Baby's spaceship into the sun with him in it.

Trademark Techniques: Body Control and Enslavement

Evil Dragons:

These Evil Dragons appear in the Evil Shenlong Saga, there are 7 of them, they are: The Dragon of Water, the Dragon of Pollution, the Dragon of Electricity, the Dragon of the wind, the Dragon of Fire, the Dragon of Ice, the Dragon of Possessive Power and the Dragon of Physical Power. All the Evil Dragons were made from the negative energy built up in the dragonballs every time a wish is made. All the dragons weren't very hard up until the Final 4. Chi-Shenron, the dragon of possessive power possed a giant mole and refused to fight Goku so he could destroy towns by creating earthquakes. When he saw that Goku and Pan saved the town, he got really angry, theen really cocky about the "Ultimate Ki Attack" and starts shooting energy blasts from the ground but Goku dodges them and Chi gets really mad. As a result, he drops the mole, and we see his true form for few moments before he posses Pan. Goku tries to kill Chi but can't because he fears he will kill Pan. Chi lets Goku see Pan once more, but Goku takes advantage of this oppurtunity and pulls her out and IMMEDIATLY does a 10x Kamehameha. Next we have the "Fire and Ice Brothers", Suu-Shenron and San-Shenron. Suu-Shenron is a "Hot" (as some nut once told me) honorable fighter. He is also the dragon of fire and is spared courtesy of Goku. San-Shenron is a cold-hearted, rotten, dirty fighter, three of his favorite techniques are freezing people into ice statues, poking his opponents in the eye and kicking them in the "unknown" (otherwise known is kicking below the belt). Goku spares Suu because he spared Pan. Now Goku fights San and is about to kill him but San pulls the old "Ohh please don't hurt me! I have a wife and kids, I'll change, I promise, oh please don't kill me I'm to young to die!" Then Goku lets him go and San freezes him into a statue of ice but Suu shoots a fireball at it which melts the ice, Suu then mocks San that he has no honor. Then Goku justs kills him. Now Goku fights Ii-Shenron, the most powerful person in DB DBZ and DBGT besides Goku. Ii attacks Goku while he isn't looking but Suu-Shenron protects him but at the cost of his life. Ii is easily beating up Goku and not even a 10x Kamehameha effects him. Gohan, Trunks, Goten, Ubuu, Chichi and Videl come to the battlefield to help. Goku then tries to kill Ii with a 10x Kamehameha and kills him, or so he thought. Vegeta then comes to the battlefield and goes Super Saiyan Level 2, then Bulma drives up and shoots Vegeta with her newly invented Brute Ray. Then, Vegeta turns into a giant ape and rampages for awhile he goes Super Saiyan Level 4. Then after a long time of fighting, Ii absorbs the dragonballs to become perfect. After that, Vegeta and Goku fuse to form the ever so cocky, Super Saiyan Gogeta Level 4! They toy with Ii and they knock 6 dragonballs out of Ii, Ii attempts to suck up the dragoballs after the fusion wears off. In an attempt to save the 4-star dragonball (believed by Goku, it holds his adoptive legal guardian Grandpa Gohan) he swallows and nearly chokes on it. Later after they tried to do the fusion dance (but it didn't work because Goku didn't have enough energy to do it) again, the 4-star dragonball sticks out of Goku's forehead, when Goku finds this out he runs around screaming "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! GET IT OFF!!!! GET IT OFF!!!!" it comes out and turns into Suu-Shenron. He almost attacks Goku but then turns around and blasts Ii, he then says that Goku cleansed him. Suu then grabs Ii creates a gigantic fireball and it explodes Suu is standing, he lands but out of the dust emerges a unharmed Ii-Shenron. When Suu lands he says "I'm sorry, Goku." and starts to crack and turn back into the dragonball which Ii absorbs. Ii then blasts an energy ball at the earth but is stopped by Goku who is half-dead lying in a crater. Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Ubuu attack Ii but after awhile Vegeta can't hold his Super Saiyan Level 4 form and regresses to Super Saiyan Level 2 while everyone is laying unconcious on the ground. When Vegeta is about to get killed, Goku emerges from the crater with an "Ultimate Spirit Bomb" which was gathered from everyone in the Universe that was met in DB, DBZ and DBGT, plus more. Ii sees him and stares in awe and swears at Goku and his Spirit Bomb, Pan says he looks like a God which is pretty accurate. Goku the=rows the ball at Ii and destroys him. The original Shenlong appears and says they can't make anymore wishes. Goku asks the dragon to revive all those killed by the Evil Dragons. He does so and Shenlong tells him to hop on his back as his end of the bargain. He leaves and says goodbye to all his old friends but disappears when they look away (we even see Krillen with a mustache and grey hair). My theory of what happened is Goku made a deal earlier to Shenlong that if he grants another wish after he defeats the evil dragons and his end was he had to leave his friends.

Dr. Myuu:

Dr. Myuu is the creator of all the machines on Planet M2, as well as the cretaion of Baby and half of the credit goes to him for working on HFIL 17. First, Baby kills Dr. Myuu in rebellion. Then, Super Android #17 kills him (technically he didn't kill him, he only blow him to smitherines, he was already dead), also in rebellion.

Dr. Gero:

Dr. Gero is the madman who created the Red Ribbon Army and most of the Androids. After GOku destroyed the Red Ribbon Army, Dr. Gero held a grudge against him, so he made the androids which for the most part did not fulfill his wishes. Gero was also killed by Android 17. He later appears in GT when he works with Dr. Myuu on HFIL 17 and after 17 fused with HFIL 17 and became SUper Android #17, he was once again killed by his own creation (Super Android #17).