Bio's of The Androids and Krillen's Family

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Android 17:

Android 17 is a ruthless cold-hearted killing machine. He was absorbed by Cell but was brought back and disappears until DBGT when he fuses with HFIL 17. In the Alternative Future he has the same traits but is killed by Trunks.

Trademark Technique: Self-Destruct

Android 18:

Android 18 is 1 of Dr. Gero's successful creations (but not in the way he planned). She starts off as a ruthless cold-hearted killing-machine like her brother. 18 is absorbed by Cell but is spat back out and she falls in love with Krillen. Later she marries Krillen and they have a daughter named Maron. They also enter the 25th annual World's Martial Arts Tournament but throws the final match with Hercule for 20 million zeni (20,000 US dollars). Now in the Alternative Future she was the most RUTHLESS COLD-HEARTED KILLING-MACHINE killed by future Trunks.

Android 16:
The strong, silent yet peaceful Android 16 is one of a kind of due to his peacefulness. He attempts to kill Cell many times but never succeeds. He is also blown up and then had his had stepped on by Cell. He was created by Dr. Gero.

Trademark Technique: Self-Destruct

Android 19:

Android 19 is one of Dr. Gero's "less" successful creations. He is an energy sucker like Gero and fights Goku but wins because of Goku's heart virus is taking it's toll. He is later killed by Vegeta.

Trademark Technique: Self-Destruct, Energy Suction


Krillen is in all 3 series and fights the stupidest people in tournamnets. For example, Bacterian he hasn't bathed since he was born and his power comes from his owder, Goku calls this Martial Arts...Sink Fu! Also, there's Pintar what is wrong with that guy, does he have an eating disorder or something? Have you ever noticed that Krillen doesn't have a nose? For most of DB and DBZ he's bald but in the Buu Saga he grows his hair out. In DB he is Goku's rival training under Master Roshi. To get the old pervert to train him, Krillen brings along some Porno magazines but when Roshi saw that Krillen couldn't ride the Nimbus Cloud he KNEW Krillen had more. In DBZ, he just helps fight but in DBGT he doesn't do jack squat.

Trademark Technique: Destructo Disk, Kamehameha and Solar Flare


Cell is the ultimate creation of Dr. Gero (or so he thinks) and absorbs people to gain more power, when he absorbed Android 17 he reached his 2nd form and when he reached his 3rd/Perfect Form when he absorbed Android 18. Gohan is the one who destroys him.


Maron is Krillen and 18's blonde haired daughter, she is always shouting "GO MOMMY!" or "GO DADDY" at tournaments even if their not fighting. She has Krillen's noseless face and eyes but 18's blonde hair. She doesn't do much in GT but she pops up a few times.

Trademark Technique: None