Bio's of Vegeta's Family

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Vegeta...the extremely arrogant prince of all saiyans (technically, he's an Lord, since his dad was a king and Vegeta was the prince when his dad died he would've taken over his thrown, but after he marries Bulma, he is a King). He is Goku's biggest rival who is constantly trying to surpass him. Vegeta is very critical character, if he wasn't around, Gohan wouldn't have beaten Cell because Vegeta wouldn't have distracted Cell from his Kamehameha, in the Buu Saga, he never would've fused to make Vegito and they never would've damaged Buu enough for Goku to destroy him, plus they never would have gotten Trunks, Goten, Gohan and Good Buu out of Buu,and in GT, Bebi wouldn't have controlled him and then Goku would end up fighting Gohan and that wouldn't be much of a fight, also in GT, Goku wouldn't have been able to defeat Ii Shenlong because Vegeta helped him damage Ii and fused and damaged him even more.

Trademark Technique: Big Bang Attack, Final Flash and Final Blast.

Bulma: is Vegeta's wife and Trunks' and Bra's mom. In Dragonball, she helps Goku find the Dragonballs and is the inventor of the dragon radar. She was given the Capsule Corporation as a wedding gift from her parents. Her first crush was on Yamcha but dumps him for Vegeta in the Trunks Saga. Bulma has 2 kids, Trunks and Bra and made the Brute Ray that gave Vegeta the potential for Super Saiyan Level 4. Bulma never fights, she usually just works with the technical stuff like analyzing Android 17's blueprints.

Trademark Technique: Yelling

Future Trunks:
Future Trunks comes from sometime in GT to help the Z fighters fight the Androids and Cell. He becomes VERY strong but extremly slow when he reaches his Ultra Super Saiyan state, as a cause of this, he gets pummeled by Perfect Cell. When he returns to his own time he he completly destroys Android 17, 18 and Imperfect Cell.

Trademark Technique: Thing where he moves his arms and hands really fast (there's no name for it) BEEP's (other word for heck) Flash

Trunks (not to be confused with Future Trunks):

Trunks is a really cool character; he's got that I'm better than you cocky kind of attitude which he playfully insults with Goten. He becomes Super Saiyan at age 8 and also wins the 25th annual World's Martial Arts Tournament Junior Division and competes but doesn't win in the 28th annual World's Martial Arts Tournament's Adult's Division. In the Buu Saga, he fuses with Goten using the hilariously ridiculous Fusion Dance but not after forming Thin Gotenks who looks like he's been malnourished all his life and my favorite, "PHAT" Gotenks who instead of being skin and bones, he's a big blob of fat, they show him running but he stops to gasp for air after going about an eighth of a millimeter, these fusion results were because of incorrect fingerings. Finally they form the extremly cocky Perfect Gotenks who Piccolo frequently mistakes his name for Trunten, Gotenks reaches Super Saiyan Level 3 but can't beat Majin Buu because of his cockiness. In DBGT he plays a major role. When Goku entered thespaceship to go find the Black Star Dragonballs Pan was waiting for them and hijacked the ship because Gohan and Videl wouldn't let her go. Plus she made a big dent in the ship when she kicked it out of rage when she heard she couldn't go but she hides it behind a cart. She blasted off with barely any fuel and the main engine fell off in space because it wasn't connected well enough yet. On one planet he even crossdresses and wears makeup to fill his role as a decoy as the bride of Zunama! He is also the son of Vegeta and Bulma.

Trademark Technique: Kamehameha


Bra is Vegeta and Bulma's daughter. She isn't much of a fighter but can fly. Bra doesn't play much of a role in DBZ or DBGT but occasionally pops up. She looks like a fat Maron with blue hair in DBZ but when she grows up she likes almost identical to Bulma.

Trademark Technique: Yelling that she wants to go to the mall (I see why Vegeta says he gets a headache from her)

Vegeta Jr.:

Vegeta Jr is Vegeta's great, great grandson and has 1/16 saiyan blood, he also displays he is a Super Saiyan. He appears once in the last episode of DBGT 100 years later, fighting Goku Jr. in a tournament.

Trademark Technique: Multi-Blast