Bio's of Goku's and Hercule's Family Members

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Goku is a pure-hearted saiyan who defeats all opponents. He is the first to turn into a Super Saiyan in 1,000 years! He is also the first to reach Super Saiyan Level 3 and Super Saiyan Level 4. Goku is the main and strongest character of DB, DBZ, and DBGT. In DB, he's like the clueless Goten of DBZ, innocent but strong.
In DBZ, he is much more serious and reaches 3 new levels of power.
In DBGT, he is turned into a kid again by a previous villain. Vegeta, his rival, always TRIES to surpass Goku's power but never succeeds. Goku searches the universe for the black star dragonballs so he can wish that the earth won't blow up. Goku never likes to miss a fight, because of this, he dies twice, possibly 3 times. He was supposed to enslave the earth but he fell off a cliff as a child and his mission memory was erased. Although his birth father is Bardock, he was adopted by the old Grandpa Gohan.

Trademark Techniques: Kai-O-Ken,Spirit Bomb, Kamehameha and Instant Transmission


Chichi is the wife of Goku, the overprotective mother of Gohan and Goten and the daughter of the Ox King. Goku and Chichi meet as children at Mt. Frypan and Ox King made Goku a promise for Chichi's hand in marriage for getting Master Roshi. Goku flys off and they meet again in the 23rd annual World's Martial Arts Tournament and Chichi reminds Goku of the promise and Goku, not knowing what marriage is, simply says somthing like "Ok, sounds like fun." After the tournament they get married.
In DBZ, she is Gohan and Goten's extremely overprotective mother bent on Gohan's education (the same goes for GT)!

Trademark Technique: Yelling


Gohan...son of Goku, is one of my favorite characters. He's also one of the coolest fighters. Gohan has been trained by many people, the first was Piccolo in the Saiyan Saga, then Goku trained him in the Room of Spirit and Time/Hyperbolic Time Chamber in the Cell Saga, he was trained by the East Supreme Kai, Gohan was also trained by Kaibit (East Supreme Kai and Kibito fused) and had a 25 hour power-up by the Ancient Supreme Kai (5 hour ceremony, 20 hour actual power-up) in the Buu Saga. In the Raditz Saga, it was the first time he unlocked his hidden powers and in the Cell Saga he used his powers to go Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Level 2 which led to destroying Cell with a one-armed Kamehameha. In the Buu Saga he "attemted to fight Majin Buu after the Ancient Supreme Kai's power-up but failed. HE also marries a girl named Videl and has a daughter named Pan. In DBGT Gohan went back to school and became a scholar, although, he does aid Goku and the Z fighters occasionally.

Trademark Technique: Kamehameha and Masenko Ha


Goten is a pretty funny character in the Buu Saga and looks almost identical to Goku as a kid (except he doesn't have tail and Goku's face and body were and still are fatter) but he has a different uniform. He is also the youngest of all the Super Saiyans but only reaches the first level. Too bad in DBGT he's to worried about getting dates but still helps out Goku and the Z fighters fight. All in all, he's a pretty cool character.

Trademark Technique: Kamehameha


Videl is Gohan's classmate at the Orange Star High School and fight s crime with Gohan (the Great Saiyaman). She can also fly snd make energy blasts but very small ones and after a long time of frustration. Videl is daughter the ugly, arrogant, phony, idiotic, fraud.


Ahh yes the idiotic fraud Hercule. The one who claims to have beaten Cell. Actually, he's very relevant. He raises his hand so every one on earth does the same to power up Goku's Spirit Bomb. His daughter Videl is stronger but he doesn't let her know it.

Trademark Technique: Super Megaton Punch (how Hercule first says it)


Pan is Gohan and Videl's daughter, she paricipates in the 28th annual World's Martial Arts Tournament and the GT Tournament. Pan also helps Goku fight the Evil Dragons and Gather the Black Star Dragonballs. Pan is a genuine crybaby extraordinare although very strong. She has more than enough potential to be a Super Saiyan but never does, I mean, Goku Jr. has 1/16 saiyan blood and becomes a Super Saiyan and Pan has 1/4 saiyan blood. She just never gets mad enough to go Super Saiyan. Pan is also constantly praised by people for the being the "(not so) Great and
(dis)honorable (and the well-known idiotic Fraud) World Champion!" She is also the grandmother of Goku Jr.

Trademark Technique: Kamehameha

Goku Jr.:

Goku Jr is the great great grandso of Pan and is shown fighting Vegeta Jr. at a Super Saiyan level in the last episode of DBGT. We also see him in the GT TV special and has 1/16 saiyan blood. In the TV special he's is a complete coward/whimp and is bullied by some punk named Pakku at school. He brings the bully along on his quest for the 4-star dragonball at the top of Mt. Paozu. Slowly they become friends as they save each others lives and Goku Jr. becomes very brave and strong. He meets Goku and he tells Goku Jr. he doesn't need the 4-star dragonball or any dragonball to restore Pan's health, he needs courage and love (CORNY).

Trademark Technique: Getting really angry and blasting people away with his energy